Photomasks for various applications

3D Mask (Gray-tone Mask)

3D Mask (Gray-tone Mask)

Toppan is providing high resolution, highly reliable photomasks not only for semiconductors, but also for different industrial areas / research purposes, utilizing its microfabrication technology.

Use of the Photomask

[Mask for FC-BGA Substrate]

[Mask for FC-BGA Substrate]

Toppan provides photomasks to various markets including industry, R&D, etc.

<Instances of Supply>

  • Masks for MEMS
  • Mask for IC bump packaging
  • Masks for Semiconductor Packaging Substrates
  • Masks for LED
  • Masks for Thermal Head
  • Mask for Device Accuracy control
  • Test Chart
  • Master masks for High-resolution Printing
  • Masks for various R&D etc.
  • Please make inquiries for more information.

Specification Outline

■Mask Size 5inch x 5inch (127.0 mm x 127.0 mm) , 6inch x 6inch (152.4 mm x 152.4 mm)
  • Please contact us about other sizes.
■Acceptable Data Format GDS, GBR, or Design diagram
■Substrate, etc. Synthetic Quarts, Soda-lime Glass / Thickness: 0.09~0.25 inch (t)
Pellicle mounting possible

TOPPAN Test Chart

TOPPAN Test Chart is the photomask which formed the basic-shaped pattern with chromium on the high purity glass substrate.
We prepare for a positive type mask and a negative type mask.
It is available in the uses such as accuracy management of equipment, a resolution check, and a valuation basis at photoresist selection.

TOPPAN Test Chart

Standard Mask Pattern

No.1 No.2

In addition to the above standard products, we can also produce custom models.

3D Masks (Gray-tone Masks / Gray-scale Masks)

Gray-scale mask is a 3D photomask, applying the well-established photomask technology including high resolution. 3D structures including micro lens are formed by controlling transmission volume of the light.

  • 3D Masks (Gray-tone Masks / Gray-scale Masks)

  • Microlens Structure(Prolith)

    Microlens Structure (Prolith)

  • Transferred Image of 3D mask (AFM image of resist profile)

    Transferred Image of 3D mask
    (AFM image of resist profile)

Examples of pattern type

Mask Patterns (Micrographs / Reflection)
Mask Patterns (Micrographs / Reflection)
Resist Configuration (AFM)
Resist Configuration (AFM)